More Excuses

Sorry, lovely people I have more excuses for why I haven’t updated lately.

On October 30, I fell while walking the dog on our way to a getaway at a MD beach campground.

I broke my right wrist in 5 places, plus various other less serious bumps and bruises. The regional trauma center did a lovely job of getting all the bone pieces back in alignment, but suggested I see my doctor as soon as possible.

So, back home we go. No camping, darn it!

On November 7 I had surgery to install one (or more, that part wasn’t clear) shiny metal plates to make sure all the pieces of my wrist stayed in place. Oddly, the entire orthopedic staff at Hopkins has one of the wrist plates right on their keychains. Some of the more enthusiastic have several types of plates. Not judging, but it is interesting.

I’m sure you all know how the universe works, so of course I am right-handed. I am now learning to type left-handed just for you all! Also, learning to do everything else. Trish has been awesome, but it’s still slow going. Some lessons are more urgent than others. For instance, the cat has made it sharply clear that my left-handed petting skills are substandard.

Meanwhile, this lovely home is probably still for sale in Hyder, AK if you’re interested.



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