We’re NOT dead! Rumors notwithstanding.

We have been in the wilderness, and the wilderness does not have the modern conveniences we have become accustomed to in our urban and suburban lives.  The peace and quiet were awesome, but we missed our family and friends. Our only contact with modern life was Sirius/XM radio, which was still accessible even 70 miles south of the Arctic Circle.  We’re home a little earlier than expected because Washington, Oregon and Montana all had wildfires that blocked our planned return route. You’ll have to stay tuned to find out where we did end up.

Now that we’re in the land of real Wi-Fi and cellphone towers, I am going to upgrade this WordPress account to one that will permit me to post the photos right in the blog instead of over on Instagram. (Of course, they will still be posted in Instagram and Fb, you can’t escape that easily) It’s possible that the address for the new version will be just 2oldchicksrv.com, but apparently I won’t know until after I do it.  Meanwhile, the folks over at Bearaboo.com were in the same RV caravan as we were, and Mark’s camera is much better than mine, so go and take a look while you wait for me to get my act together!

More very soon, I promise.



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