Leaving the Lower 48

After taking a few days to rest and re-organize in beautiful Great Falls, Montana it’s time to make the jump to Canada. 

Montana is a beautiful place. Actually, it’s many beautiful places. Sometimes the landscape changes completely over the space of just a mile or two. For example, heading toward Great Falls we passed through the Big Belt Mountains. (Because I know it will bother you, yes, there are also Little Belt Mountains.) Beautiful, rocky cliffs of banded pink and green, with lovely fishing streams in every valley. I don’t know how many fish there were, but there were LOTS of fishermen!

Suddenly, as you crest a pass and head downward, there’s nothing but rolling plains of wheat ahead of you. There must have been farmers/ranchers somewhere around because after a long while, there was a lone bar alongside the road. It was mid-day when we passed so there were no tractors (or horses) parked out front. But really, nothing else for miles and miles. 

A couple of hours later, you start seeing buttes in the distance. You see Great Falls long before you get there, sitting on it’s own butte.  (There’s a series of adolescent jokes in that statement, which I will leave as an exercise for the class.) It’s a nice city, with all the usual stores/restaurants and a college. 

I did like Bozeman better, because it has a unique rancher/student/tourist vibe, lots of local businesses instead of chains, and is the home to the best collection of cool dinosaur stuff I have ever seen. The Museum of the Rockies is definitely worth a trip for that alone! But it also has a planetarium and an entire authentic homestead from the late 1800s. Thanks for the recommendation JK!

As usual, WordPress is refusing to upload my pics, so check the 2oldchicksrv Instagram for pictures.

So far we’ve gone about 2,600 miles of our 14,000 mile trip, all in the USA. Tomorrow will be our first experience with Customs and border crossings – wish us luck! I will post again when we have a signal, but I have no idea when that will be.


One thought on “Leaving the Lower 48

  1. Glad you liked the museum! I’m enjoying Montana through your pictures and blog! Good luck in Canada! Looking forward to more excitement and pictures from you!


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