Cool or Disturbing? Day 3

We’ve been driving around the area for a day or two, and I discovered something odd. Both the city of Elkhart and the city of Middlebury in Indiana have very life-like statues doing everyday things sprinkled through town. It took a couple of passes before I realized that they even were statues! At first I thought they were pretty cute, but the more I spotted the more they bothered me. Trish thinks they’re cool. 

This is my favorite.

This one outside a jewelry store is clever –

There are several more pics posted in the 2oldchicksrv Instagram account. There were many more statues, these are just what I could get without stopping traffic!

And finally, here’s something you don’t see everyday in my neighborhood –

The next few days are the ‘sprint’ portion of the trip. We’ll be making a full out push to arrive at Devil’s Tower by the 4th of July. Why? So we can watch the fireworks over that famous formation and pretend we’re experiencing a ‘Close Encounter’ of course!


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