Well, we finally did it

This morning we cleared the last of the food from the fridge, locked the windows and doors, set the alarm and walked away from the house. We actually, really, finally started our long planned adventure!

We loaded one dog, one cat and a few bags of last minute ‘oh, we need this’ items into the car. We drove to the garage where the RV is stored, loaded her up and hit the road.

We did not run around like maniacs. We enjoyed our coffee, waited for the garbage men to collect the last trash items. We did obsessively check the house to make sure things were unplugged and properly secured before leaving, and I will admit we had to turn the water back on once for just one more trip to the bathroom. But we were not maniacs.

So it was noon when we pulled out of the storage lot with Steppenwolf’s ‘Born to Wild’ playing brightly.

Unfortunately, it appears that the city of Hanover PA is currently replacing ALL of it’s water lines citywide, making that song a little inappropriate. So we switched to Bob Seger’s ‘Turn the Page’. The soundtrack for our adventure must accurately reflect the action, right?

And then we spent the majority of the rest of the day on the Pennsylvania Turnpike. Which has not changed very much since the last time I was on it – lots of roadwork requiring lots of concrete barriers making, the lanes narrow enough to make you squeeze your arms in tight.

Fortunately Trish got to drive most of that. She also got to drive through the three tunnels. I spent my time working on a narrow knit scarf.

As the navigator, you must be ready at any minute to give a report on the conditions to be found on the passenger side of the RV. The sound of the turn signal is your signal to spring into action, reporting on whether the driver can actually fit the RV and tow car into the space available in the adjoining lane. You also fetch drinks and snacks, have the toll money ready and keep the dog from attacking the nice toll booth lady taking large amounts of cash from you because you are driving something with 4 axels and in the class 3 weight category. I have no idea what a class 3 weight category is, but it’s way more expensive than whatever category a car is in!.

Because of your many duties, all knit and crochet projects must be small and easily put aside. There are lots of scarves, washcloths and granny squares in my future.

Our first night on the road is being spent at the Portage Service Plaza on the Ohio turnpike. Not parked in with the trucks, although that can be a cool experience. We’re trying something different.  Some of the rest areas on the Ohio Turnpike have RV parking sections. We’ve always wanted to try one.

For $20 placed in a parking meter like thing, you get a nice double wide spot with an electrical hookup. At the end of the row is a fresh water tap and a dump station. It’s not the Ritz. It isn’t even a KOA highway express. But it is easy and convenient. However, now that we’re here I do have one warning – the RV parking area is located RIGHT off of the Ohio Turnpike, and then right off of the truck off ramp to the rest area. And there are a LOT of trucks running through here! I suspect that once I sign off and try to sleep, they will sound even louder than they do now.

But that means nothing – we have set out on a great adventure today and we can still walk the dog without worrying about bears.

Tomorrow – the RV Hall of Fame in Elkhart Indiana!


2 thoughts on “Well, we finally did it

  1. Too kewl…..RV Hall of Fame. We went to Elkhart many yrs ago. We drove around to all the camping places. Just taking in all the Amish buggies & bicycles at the RV factories with Amish craftsmanship.


  2. Bears. Where’s the fun in not forgetting something or having to run around like a headless chicken? All seriousness aside, do please continue to mentions bears.


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